From laggard to leader? Closing the euro area’s technology gap

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Balancing the productivity opportunities of fintech and AI against the potential risks
Recent developments in technology and AI provide huge potential for innovation and productivity growth....
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Bulgaria's full integration into the eurozone: when?
Bulgaria meets all the nominal convergence criteria, except the one of inflation. Dimitar Radev examines...
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Global economic fracturing and shifting investment patterns
The effects of economic fracturing are intertwined with broader, longer-term shifts in trade, investment...
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Payments innovation, technical standards, and the federal reserve’s roles
To foster payment system safety and efficiency, as well as support responsible innovation, Christopher...
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Three risks that must be addressed for new EU fiscal rules to succeed
The EU has enacted new rules that overhaul the Stability and Growth Pact. Lucio Pench considers the issues...
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Innovation and the evolving financial landscape
Financial technology is evolving. Michelle Bowman discusses how technology can enhance financial services...
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How geopolitical concerns are changing trade
There has been a rise in trade restrictions since the US-China tariff war and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine....
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How to de-risk: European economic security in a world of interdependence
The question is how exactly the EU should ‘de-risk’ its external economic relationships without foregoing...
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Cyber risk and its implications for financial stability
The growing digitalisation of the banking sector has increased the exposure of financial institutions...
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Elections and fiscal and monetary expansion
An unprecedented number of voters will go to the polls globally in 2024. Jeffrey Frankel discusses incumbent’s...
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The promises and perils of AI for productivity and growth
There is considerable disagreement about the growth potential of AI. Francesco Filippucci, Peter Gal,...
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Building operational resilience at the heart of the financial system
The operational resilience of Financial Market Infrastructures is crucial to UK financial stability....
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