A multi-tool for crossborder payments
Victoria Cleland discusses the benefits Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) could enable for payments, the role that they can play in enhancing crossborder payments, and steps that could be taken to drive their...
Finternet: the financial system for the future
Agustín Carstens and Nandan Nilekani lay out a vision for the Finternet, a user-centric, unified and universal financial ecosystem that is inclusive, innovative, participatory, accessible and affordable,...
Innovation, integration and independence
Innovative, integrated and independent retail payments are crucial components of our monetary system. As payments transition into the digital era, Piero Cipollone discusses taking the Single Euro Payments...
CBDCs and the future of money and payment systems
We are at a pivotal moment in the evolution of money. Eddie Yue says regulators must remain open-minded, responsive, and prudent when considering CBDCs
Modernising the trains and rails of UK payments
Amidst the prospect of significant technological change in payments, Sarah Breeden sets out how the Bank of England seeks to deliver trust and support innovation, both as a provider and as a regulator...
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