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“Know thyself” – avoiding policy mistakes in light of the prevailing climate science
Failure to meet the Paris climate goals poses economic challenges that have an impact on central banks’ work, argues Frank Elderson. To avoid long-term...
Not a ‘side dish’: new industrial policy and competition
Industrial policy is undergoing a major resurgence. Cristina Caffarra and Nathaniel Lane argue that getting Europe to improve performance will require...
The role of fiscal policy - what recent research shows
The global economy has seen a major financial crisis and a worldwide pandemic. Patrick Minford reviews the attempts to model these events and suggests...
A tale of two treatises: the birth of the euro
In the process towards European economic and monetary union, two reports played crucial roles. Ivo Maes focuses on the Werner and Delors Reports, capturing...
Can AI change economic logic and bring abundance for all?
Daniel Daianu asks if AI can address imbalances between needs and resources sustainably by bringing about abundance for all?
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