A multi-tool for crossborder payments
Victoria Cleland discusses the benefits Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) could enable for payments, the role that they can play in enhancing crossborder payments, and steps that could be taken to drive their...
Artificial bugs for enhanced cybersecurity
As cyberattacks become more frequent they will become pressing issues for policymakers. Hans Gersbach and Fikri Pitsuwan discuss the benefits of ‘bug bounty’ programmes in cybersecurity
Finternet: the financial system for the future
Agustín Carstens and Nandan Nilekani lay out a vision for the Finternet, a user-centric, unified and universal financial ecosystem that is inclusive, innovative, participatory, accessible and affordable,...
Maintaining the UK’s leading global position in FinTech
The UK’s fintech sector remains resilient. Roberto Napolitano discusses how this leadership in financial innovation can be continued
How to unlock the AI productivity promise
The rapid adoption of AI is transforming the finance sector. Martijn Groot examines the latest research on the challenges and opportunities in harnessing the AI productivity promise
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