Unlocking the power of ideas to push our economies forward
The history of human progress has been defined by technological breakthroughs generated by ideas. Christine Lagarde argues we need the right conditions that allow them to reach their full potential
Sharper supervision in an era of technology races
Cecilia Skingsley proposes a framework to help central bankers in embracing innovation and at the same time solve some of the challenges confronting the central banking and regulatory communities
CBDCs and the future of money and payment systems
We are at a pivotal moment in the evolution of money. Eddie Yue says regulators must remain open-minded, responsive, and prudent when considering CBDCs
Modernising the trains and rails of UK payments
Amidst the prospect of significant technological change in payments, Sarah Breeden sets out how the Bank of England seeks to deliver trust and support innovation, both as a provider and as a regulator...
“Know thyself” – avoiding policy mistakes in light of the prevailing climate science
Failure to meet the Paris climate goals poses economic challenges that have an impact on central banks’ work, argues Frank Elderson. To avoid long-term policy mistakes, policymakers must address the resulting...
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