climate change

“Know thyself” – avoiding policy mistakes in light of the prevailing climate science
Failure to meet the Paris climate goals poses economic challenges that have an impact on central banks’ work, argues Frank Elderson. To avoid long-term policy mistakes, policymakers must address the resulting...
An assessment of IRA climate measures
Simon Voigts and Anne-Charlotte Paret assess emissions reduction, fiscal costs and the macro effects of the Inflation Reduction Act
Carbon leakage: an additional argument for international cooperation
Climate change is a collective action problem that requires substantial international cooperation. Christofer Schroeder and Livio Stracca present new evidence that carbon taxes are undermined by ‘leakage’
Accelerating strategic investment in the EU beyond 2026
The EU has to manage the climate and digital transitions and achieve greater economic resilience. Maria Demertzis, David Pinkus and Nina Ruer discuss the potential EU approach to funding strategic objectives
Europe’s under-the-radar industrial policy: intervention in electricity pricing
Ben McWilliams, Giovanni Sgaravatti, Simone Tagliapietra and Georg Zachmann outline the trade-offs European governments must confront to meet the challenge of decarbonising their countries’ economies
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