Economic pathways: a new approach to climate policy
Stringent climate policies are needed to reach temperature targets. Lucas Bretschger argues that theory-based scenarios are a powerful tool to induce efficient decarbonisation policies
Carbon pricing and inflation volatility
Carbon pricing initiatives have mushroomed in the last two decades. Daniel Santabárbara and Marta Suárez-Varela evaluate the impact of emissions trading and carbon tax on inflation
Europe’s demographic winter and the new EU fiscal rules
The EU recently settled on a revision of its fiscal rules. Martin Larch and Matthias Busse argue that a careful assessment of the uncertainty surrounding population projections is necessary
Fiscal consequences of central bank losses
Central banks have engaged in large-scale asset purchase programmes, significantly increasing the size of their balance sheets. Stephen Cecchetti and Jens Hilscher consider the implications
The new operating procedures of the Bank of England: a bonanza for the banks
In their fight against inflation, central banks have raised interest rates. Paul De Grauwe and Yuemei Ji examine the new operating procedures of the Bank of England and the subsidies to the banking sector
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