The rocky road to European Union accession
The Western Balkan countries are moving towards European Union accession. Armin Steinbach examines the obstacles and lessons from the Eastern Partnership
Building confidence in the path ahead
Christine Lagarde outlines what needs to be done to become sufficiently confident to start dialling back the ECB’s restrictive policy stance
Trust and macroeconomic stability: a virtuous circle
Trust is essential for the success of public policies. Agustín Carstens argues that policymakers' success in dealing with recent crises was due to the trust they had built over the years, which allowed...
Geoeconomic fragmentation and firms’ financial performance
The threats of geoeconomic fragmentation have accelerated in recent years. Alessandro D’Orazio, Fabrizio Ferriani and Andrea Gazzani introduce a novel firm-level revenue-weighted geopolitical risk index
The role of fiscal policy - what recent research shows
The global economy has seen a major financial crisis and a worldwide pandemic. Patrick Minford reviews the attempts to model these events and suggests policy conclusions
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