Finance21 Award Best Finance Centre 2024

News release

Finance21 is pleased to announce that Finance Isle of Man has been awarded the Best Finance Centre 2024.

The judges observed the commitment to detail and customer care provided by Finance Isle of Man and its members. They were impressed with the skill, knowledge and awareness of customer needs in designing innovative tools to address them in smart, efficient ways that improve speed of service of both Isle of Man Finance and its customers.

The series of shocks over the past three years brought this into focus and the judges commend all those shortlisted and our winners for excellence of operation and standards during these unprecedented times.

The Finance21 awards celebrate achievement, innovation and excellence across several fields of endeavour. Our award programs are tailored to provide a comprehensive analysis of the very best in each market. The Finance21 awards are recognised as the principal indications of professional conduct and excellence. The selection panel took into account product innovation, on-going customer support and best practice criteria as well as a continuing commitment to deploying the best possible solutions for the benefit of their clients.

About Finance21

Finance21 is a World Commerce Review supplement. This publication has been prepared in response to readership demand for an overview of the financial sector in these turbulent and unique times. Finance21 provides access to finance leaders in the top companies and organisations globally.

Digital finance has precipitated the next wave of finance transformation, but brings its own challenges: what will it mean for major global organisations and their operations?

Finance21 is aimed at finance professionals, examining 21st century finance and the future of finance. Developed with the assistance of leading players in the financial and fintech arena, Finance21 considers the unprecedented pace of change and the transformation in operations, and looks into areas such as cryptocurrencies, DLT, business intelligence, cognition, payment solutions, crossborder finance and centres of excellence.

Finance21 provides the reader with the most comprehensive information available. Our brief is to provide all the data necessary for the readership to make their own informed decisions.

About Finance Isle of Man

International advisors and investors can feel confident they are doing business in a forward-thinking and well-regulated international finance centre.

Businesses locating to the Isle of Man will find a stable political system and strong economic development ethos, a skilled workforce, leading technological and physical infrastructure, and a gateway to the UK and the rest of the world.

The Isle of Man has a pro-business government that strives to create an environment for businesses to flourish and has strong partnerships with the private sector which draws upon the Island’s expertise, creativity and connections. Strong links, physical infrastructure and technical facilities enable businesses to operate, develop and deliver to their customers worldwide.

Finance Isle of Man focuses on the Island’s largest economic sectors, Financial and Professional Services. Acting as a forum that proactively considers strategic and policy issues while performing a key role as the primary conduit between Government and industry.

The Isle of Man is a truly unique living and working environment where the global finance community can thrive and prosper.

  • RESILIENT. The Isle of Man has more than 50 years’ experience as a finance centre, developing a strong and diverse sector that spans banking, investment, insurance, pensions and fiduciary. Proudly independent, the Isle of Man is entirely self-funded with no national debt and boasts the longest continuous Parliament in the world.
  • ROBUST. Politically stable and internationally respected for its progressive regulation and strong governance, the Isle of Man is a safe and secure jurisdiction for financial business offering a highly skilled and experienced workforce. With world-class infrastructure, we are also a hub for innovation and technology, pioneering new ways forward in financial markets.
  • RECOGNISED. Globally connected and easily accessible, the Isle of Man is a financial centre of choice. Recognised by the International Monetary Fund as a well-regulated Finance Centre of Excellence, the Isle of Man is also a world leader in anti-money laundering and combatting the financing of terrorism.  It is the only finance centre located within a UNESCO Biosphere.
  • OUR INDUSTRY. As a successful and well-established industry on the Isle of Man, the financial sector is represented by more than 20 industry groups and organisations. These provide skills and training, seminars, networking and community engagement initiatives. They also liaise with the Isle of Man Government on matters of importance to the finance sector. Our regulator is the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority, highly regarded internationally for its exceptionally high standards.
  • WHY THE ISLE OF MAN? A highly respected global player, with world-leading regulation and stable governance, the Isle of Man is also small enough to adapt to changing times quickly and find innovative solutions for today’s financial markets. Safe and secure, it has a stunning natural environment and is easily accessible from the UK, Europe and beyond.

For their continued diligence and excellence in this field, Finance21 is proud to award Finance Isle of Man the Best Finance Centre 2024. For more information visit: