Finance21 Award Best Trade Finance Bank 2024

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Euro Exim Bank Limited has been awarded the Best Trade Finance Bank 2024 by Finance21.

The judges observed the commitment to detail and customer care provided by Euro Exim Bank. They were impressed with the skill, knowledge and awareness of customer needs in designing innovative tools to address them in smart, efficient ways that improve speed of service of both Euro Exim Bank and its customers. They were impressed with the skill, knowledge and awareness of their management and staff, who have demonstrated a sophisticated approach to sustainability for their human capital and clients. 2022 brought this into focus and the judges commend all those shortlisted and our winners for excellence of operation and standards during these unprecedented times.

The Finance21 awards celebrate achievement, innovation and excellence across several fields of endeavour. Our award programs are tailored to provide a comprehensive analysis of the very best in each market. The Finance21 awards are recognised as the principal indications of professional conduct and excellence. The selection panel took into account product innovation, on-going customer support and best practice criteria as well as a continuing commitment to deploying the best possible solutions for the benefit of their clients.

About Finance21

Finance21 is a World Commerce Review supplement. This publication has been prepared in response to readership demand for an overview of the financial sector in these turbulent and unique times. Finance21 provides access to finance leaders in the top companies and organisations globally.

Finance21 is aimed at finance professionals, examining 21st-century finance and the future of finance. Developed with the assistance of leading players in the financial and fintech arena, Finance21 considers the unprecedented pace of change and the transformation in operations, and looks into areas such as cryptocurrencies, DLT, business intelligence, cognition, payment solutions, crossborder finance and centres of excellence.

About Euro Exim Bank Limited

Euro Exim Bank Limited is an innovative global financial institution with Head Office in St Lucia and Representative Office in London.

Euro Exim Bank holds a “Class A” international banking license from Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of St Lucia. This license provides authorisation to conduct business with third parties across industries and geographies worldwide, exercising strong due diligence, full compliance and operational excellence in our processes.

Euro Exim Bank is an associate member of the Caribbean Association of Banks Inc (CAB). Membership of CAB offers EEB opportunities and knowledge sharing with industry leaders that are applied to modernise their operations and customer service.

EEB cater to a range of trade finance instruments such as Letters of Credit, Standby Letters of Credit, International Wire Transfers, Bank Guarantees, Performance Bonds, Prepaid Cards and Trade Credit Lines.

EEB exercise strong Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and compliance policies with comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. Euro Exim’s competent team of specialists are highly trained to detect, deter and prevent the use of Euro Exim Bank as a conduit for illegal activities.

EEB deploys the latest distributed ledger and blockchain technologies, incorporated in its trade finance platform, and purposefully works with partners and digital assets to seamlessly transfer local funds without costly transfers and delays with procurement and exchange of fiat currencies.

Helping clients stay ahead of the game, with appropriate collateral and without tying up their important cash-flow, Euro Exim Bank aim to accelerate import and export business transactions and connect corporates to new opportunities.

For their continued diligence and excellence in this field, and in recognition of their innovation, expertise and services, Finance21 is proud to award Euro Exim Bank Limited the Best Trade Finance Bank 2024.

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